Wabasha, Kellogg, & Surrounding Communities

Situated on the Mississippi River, approximately 80 miles south of the Twin Cities, the City of Wabasha and surrounding communities are home to several attractions and the Grumpy Old Men movies. Going back to the 1830’s, our community began as a fur trade post and eventually grew into the City of Wabasha. Platted in 1854 and incorporated in 1858, the City of Wabasha is one of the oldest communities in Minnesota and continues to thrive.

The Mississippi River is the main reason that our community exists today. Early in Wabasha’s history, the river was mainly used for commercial purposes. It played a huge part in the growth of this area and the local economy. Commercial Barges still use the river, but it is the recreational use and wildlife of the river that attract most residents and visitors today.

Along with the river and other natural attractions, our community is also known for a number of man-made attractions, such as the National Eagle Center, Lark Toys, and the Historic Downtown. The National Eagle Center is a one-of- kind interpretive center that allows visitors to get up close with live bald and golden eagles. Lark Toys was named as one of the ten best toy stores in the World by USA Today. It is a specialty toy store and museum located in Kellogg that makes and sells their own hand crafted wooden toys.

Wabasha’s Historic Downtown has more than 50 buildings that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Many of the buildings, originally constructed in the late 19 th Century, still stand today as part of the City’s Heritage Preservation District. First State Bank of Wabasha has proudly been part of Wabasha’s Downtown, since the Bank was first established in 1881.

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