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Participation Guidelines

Thank you for visiting us on Social Media! Here are some guidelines that we’d like you to follow while you interact with us:
  • Be Respectful. We encourage an open forum of communication, but please share your thoughts, responses, and opinions in a respectful manner without making incendiary or contentious comments.
  • Protect Privacy. Do not disclose any information that is confidential or private. This includes any Bank information and Customer information.
  • No Spam. Please do not share any comments, links, or photos intended to promote a service, product, or individual.
  • Be Civil. Do not use any profanity, obscenity, or insults.
  • Stick to the Subject. The Bank sponsored Social Media is intended for content only relevant to the Bank.
If we determine any posts or comments do not follow these guidelines, then we may delete them. Furthermore, if any users abuse these guidelines, then they may be banned from any of our Social Media pages.