Student Loans Available Now with iHELP Loan Program

In-School Loans for Students & Consolidation Loans for Grads


We have partnered up with the iHELP Student Loan Program to offer student loans for college students and consolidation loans for college graduates. 

The iHELP Student Loan program can help cover the gap leftover after all federal loans, scholarships, and grants have been applied to cover your costs for college. Several benefits of the program include competitive interest rates, no origination or repayment fees, and flexible repayment options. 

College graduates can take advantage of the iHELP Consolidation loans with some great benefits as well. Those include fixed rate options which can make budgeting easier. Grads can also refinance multiple loans and payments into one single loan and payment. 

The online application process makes it easy to apply and the responsive customer service will help you from start to finish.

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